A downloadable game for Windows

SmackThat! uses the Leap Motion controller to allow you to reach into the game and smack the Meatly characters that are trying to distract you from important game development. It's a defense-type game in which waves of Old Idea Zombies, Downer Fish, and, of course, El Glitch, approach you and deplete your attention span (ie. health). You can smack Flying Burgers (yes!!) to gain more health. But be careful, smacking New Idea Fairies spawns more Zombies!

All art by @TheMeatlly: http://meatlyjam.com

Install instructions

PC version requires a Leap Motion controller!


Once your Leap Motion is hooked up and the LM software is installed, just download the game, unzip the files, and double click on SmackThat.exe.

Now available on Android - no Leap Motion required!

Grab it from the Google Play store here!


SmackThat_Win.zip - Leap Motion Required 10 MB